What Is Record Sealing?

If you have a previous criminal charges or convictions on your record, it may feel like your past is following you around and hurting your future. Prior criminal history can make it more difficult to get a job or secure a place to live, but getting your records sealed can prevent prejudice from letting you live your life. Record sealing is a way to keep old offenses from the public record.

Who Can Have Their Records Sealed?

While each state has its own laws pertaining to the sealing of records, some people have a better chance at eligibility than others. Without having your records sealed, acquittals or cases that may have been dismissed against you are often still parts of the public record. If you have no convictions in your past, you would be an excellent candidate for records sealing. While it is more difficult for those with prior judgments against them, if you have no outstanding commitments to the court and no further convictions, it may be possible to seal your records.

How Does It Work?

To get your records sealed, you will want to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area. He or she will be able to help determine if you are eligible in your state and help explain the full process to you and help you to prepare your petition to the court.

People deserve second chances, and looking into having your records sealed could give you the opportunity to start fresh. Visit this site to learn more about record sealing in Las Vegas.

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