What Is Record Sealing?

If you have a previous criminal charges or convictions on your record, it may feel like your past is following you around and hurting your future. Prior criminal history can make it more difficult to get a job or secure a place to live, but getting your records sealed can prevent prejudice from letting you live your life. Record sealing is a way to keep old offenses from the public record.

Who Can Have Their Records Sealed?

While each state has its own laws pertaining to the sealing of records, some people have a better chance at eligibility than others. Without having your records sealed, acquittals or cases that may have been dismissed against you are often still parts of the public record. If you have no convictions in your past, you would be an excellent candidate for records sealing. While it is more difficult for those with prior judgments against them, if you have no outstanding commitments to the court and no further convictions, it may be possible to seal your records.

How Does It Work?

To get your records sealed, you will want to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area. He or she will be able to help determine if you are eligible in your state and help explain the full process to you and help you to prepare your petition to the court.

People deserve second chances, and looking into having your records sealed could give you the opportunity to start fresh. Visit this site to learn more about record sealing in Las Vegas.

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Traffic Violation Laws in Reno

When it comes to legal infractions, many people shrug off traffic violations as minor inconveniences, but in reality traffic tickets can have a real impact. In Nevada, paying the fine from a ticket is considered an admission of guilt, and it can follow you around through higher insurance rates and points on your driver’s license.

What Is a Traffic Violation?

Many different infractions count as traffic violations in Nevada. These can be as small as traffic tickets for driving a little over the speed limit to as serious as DUI or vehicular manslaughter charges. Driving without a license or on a suspended license, as well as hit and runs and reckless driving all fall into this category. As you can see, many of these charges are more serious than you might first think. Traffic laws can carry serious consequences when broken, sometimes resulting in jail time.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Hiring a skilled defense lawyer when fighting a traffic crime charge is a must. Not only will an experienced traffic violations lawyer in Reno be able to help you with your case, they will have a successful track record of significant wins in this area. He or she can also help if you have failed to pay any of your fines, which can result in a bench warrant, giving police the right to arrest you. Researching the right lawyer could keep you out of jail.

For more information on traffic violation laws in Reno or to find a traffic violations lawyer in Reno, visit this website.

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Appealing to Peers

The outcome of a court case is not always just dependent on the evidence. The argument presented by an attorney, whether it is the opening or closing argument or during the trial itself can be the deciding factor for any jury.


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The Importance Of Hiring A Divorce Attorney

If you have made the difficult decision to end your marriage, hiring a divorce lawyer may be the last item on the list of things you want to do. However, the importance of hiring a divorce attorney cannot be overstated when it comes to securing your future. Despite the emotionally exhausting nature of divorce proceedings, seeking out experienced legal counsel will help you maintain financial stability, guard your assets and protect your parental rights if you have children with your spouse.

A Divorce Lawyer Protects Your Interests

Depending upon the state you live in, there may be an option to divorce without legal counsel. For example, Nevada has “no fault” divorce laws, which allow a couple to end the marriage without holding one spouse liable for the dissolution of the relationship. Yet just because you can legally divorce without a divorce lawyer does not mean it is in your best interest.

The Two Types of Divorce

If you and your spouse have decided upon the terms of your divorce, this is called an uncontested divorce. Even in the case of an uncontested petition, a divorce lawyer in Reno can review the terms to make sure that your interests are being protected.

In the case of a contested divorce, where you and your spouse are unable to agree on such important issues as child custody, child support or alimony, it is imperative that you choose a trusted divorce lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

You deserve a fresh start at life on a stable foundation, and a good lawyer can help provide you with that opportunity. Visit this website to learn more about the importance of hiring a divorce attorney and to find an experienced divorce lawyer in Reno.

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5 Reasons To Hire A Defense Attorney

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, hiring a criminal defense lawyer could be the difference between imprisonment and clearing your good name. Here are five reasons hiring a defense attorney is in your best interest.

  1. Your Rights Will Be Protected

A good criminal defense lawyer will ensure that no matter what your charges, a misdemeanor or a felony, your Constitutional rights will be preserved, and the correct procedures will be followed by the police.

  1. Your Charges Will Be Thoroughly Explained

It is crucial that you understand the charges being brought against you and the consequences that accompany them, which can range from community service and probation to hefty fines or even jail time.

  1. Your Charges Could Be Reduced

Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer will help to give you choices. If you decide to plea guilty, he or she will help you try to reduce your charges through a plea bargain and work out a sentencing agreement.

  1. Your Case Will Have a Strategy

If you want to fight the charges, your attorney will help to gather evidence and take any witness statements. Through these efforts, you will form a strategy to beat the charges against you.

  1. Your Trial Will Be in Good Hands

With the right criminal defense attorney, you will have an experienced professional who understand the rules of the court and who knows how to present the facts in a way that best illustrates your innocence.

Hiring experienced counsel when you’ve been accused of a crime is the way to keep your best interests protected. For more information about criminal defense lawyers in Reno, visit this website.

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Court security officer is accused of emailing photo of defense lawyer’s notes to prosecutor

A court security officer in Augusta, Maine, has been placed on paid leave pending an internal investigation into allegations that he took a cellphone photo of a defense lawyer’s notes and then emailed it to the prosecutor….read more

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